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RetroRoleplaying Forum: Coming Soon — 4 Comments

  1. As someone who started roleplaying back in 1980 with the Holmes rules and the B2 module, I am very interested to watch this project unfold.

  2. So am I. It’s one of those ideas that just burst into my mind in almost complete proposal form. There are a number of ways it could go, however, and I’d really like lots of input.

    Using Labyrinth Lord means we don’t have to do a lot of grunt work writing rules from scratch, but can concentrate on an interesting background and making it fast and easy for the DM to create quick adventures (random works as it is a chaos area), while providing lots of room for custom created stuff of DMs with more time.

  3. Printed off the electronic version of Labyrinth Lord then today got a bit crafty and turned it into a hard back (living in Australia makes POD a bit expensive because of postage).

    My group is playing 1eAD&D at the moment(which I introduced them to a year ago), but LL is next on my list to throw at them.

    Hope your ideas keep bursting forth Randall.

    Dave 🙂