RetroRoleplaying: Stage One Complete

The main RetroRoleplaying web site is now complete. Well, Stage One is complete. I now have some basic information on the rulebooks for Original D&D, Classical D&D, and First Edition AD&D up. I haven’t even begun to touch adventures and non-rules supplements so the site is a long way from being even “item complete.” However, there is enough there to be a bit useful to someone considering an older version of D&D, so I’m happy.

Of course, I want to do much more than item pages. I want to include links to web sites associated with each game, links to campaign journals from groups using one of the covered games, include reviews of more items, articles were people tell why they have selected a given older system over the current incarnation of D&D, etc. Eventually, I will want to include other good games from the 1975-1995 era (e.g. 2nd Edition RuneQuest and Classic Traveller).

But for now, I made a useful start. And I reached this point before my wife’s radiation treatments start next week — which was my goal. No real proofreading has been done yet, unfortunately. I’ve printed out the various pages and my wife will look over the printouts as she gets a chance — and corrections will be made.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love what you’re doing/done Randall and look forward to seeing the site grow. Thank you for sharing your passion for old school gaming.