Real Life Overwhelms, but RetroRoleplaying Goes On

I suspect some of my readers wonder if I’ve suddenly dropped off the face of the planet. Sadly, the last week has not been good in real life. Not only did my wife start radiation treatments for her oral cancer last Monday, but her uncle died of a massive heart attack. They were not close for various reasons, but her mother lost a brother. Later in the week, her father ended up in the hospital for what they thought was pneumonia, but treated out to be pneumonia, two staph infections, and really bad gall stones. He has been in ICU for the last three days. Fortunately, the staph infections are not antibiotic resistant, so as soon as he gets over them, they are going to remove his gall bladder. Of course, he’s had bypass surgery and back surgery in recent years so this was the last thing he needed. To make things worse, neither my wife or I can visit him in the hospital because we don’t want to be exposed to anything with six more weeks radiation treatments ahead of us.

Needless to say, I haven’t done very much on RetroRoleplaying. I’m sorry to have semi-announced the forum and disappeared. The only things I’m really working on is a customized search engine to search just good sites with retro-RPG content.

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