At Last, The Microlite74 Release Candidate 1 PDF

It’s done! A full PDF of Microlite74 is now ready for you to download and comment on. Rules, spell list, and monster list fit on 4 pages in 8 point type. The 5th page is the license. I had to cut a few monsters to get everything to fit in 4 pages, but folks can easily make monsters. The PDF file is under 100K.

If you are not familiar with Microlite20 (M20), it is a greatly trimmed down version of the 3.5 Fantasy SRD. By removing all the complexity, the entire Microlite20 rules fit in a couple of pages. It’s one of the few really good things to come out of the OGL and the 3.x systems, in my opinion. Microlite74 takes the basic M20 systems and changes them up a bit to better emulate the feel and play style of that first fantasy RPG published back in 1974. Unlike M20, it includes spell and monster lists in its core rules, so it is a complete game, playable as is by just about anyone familiar with RPGs.

You can download Microlite74’s first release candidate from the first message in the Microlite74 (Release Candidate Discussions) thread on the RetroRoleplaying Forum. I’m linking to it there not because I’m trying to force you to visit the forum, but so there will only be one place I have to update when new release candidates come out.

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