Microlite74: Release Candidate 2 Available

The second release candidate for Microlite74 is available.

Major Changes from Release Candidate 1:

Major Changes to Races: No stat bonuses, special abilities for elves, dwarves, and halflings similar to those in the first fantasy RPG.
Added simple language rules.
Restored “Flame Demonlord” to monster list
Started Designer’s Notes.

Comments are greatly desired — and, as you can tell if you read the thread, really do affect my design decisions.

You can download Microlite74’s second release candidate from the first message in the Microlite74 (Release Candidate Discussions) thread on the RetroRoleplaying Forum. I’m linking to it there not because I’m trying to force you to visit the forum, but so there will only be one place I have to update when new release candidates come out.

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