Dan’s Diminutive d20 — New “Minimal” Version of D20

There’s another mini-D20 fantasy RPG out, Dan’s Diminutive d20. This is a free 12-page pdf with a unique take on D20 minimalism:

* Generic Classes: 3 core classes (Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard), with easy-to-remember saves and skills.
* Limited Levels, Magic, and Feats: Limited to 12 character levels, 5 magic items maximum, and class bonus feats only.
* Level-Based Skills: No skill points are spent or recorded.
* Equipment in Brief: Your core adventuring needs, with a unique measurement system that makes encumbrance a snap.
* Monsters Redux: All the major monsters, reduced to fit in just 3 pages.

Like most mini-D20 games, Dan’s Diminutive d20 is almost entirely OGL material so others can build on this game. Dan’s Diminutive d20 has some resemblance to the popular Microlite 20 games, but is based on generic classes from the OGL material in Unearthed Arcana — and has no clerics! It’s definitely worth a look, especially if you’d like something with a bit more crunch than Microlite 20.

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