Starting Work on the Microlite20-OSS Edition

While I like Microlite74 and think it is an excellent conversion of the style of that Zeroth Edition of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG from 1974 to Microlite-style rules, it’s not really a game I’d run regularly. If I wanted to run Oe I’d either just run it or the new Swords & Wizardry retro-clone.

Therefore, I’ve decide to write yet another Microlite20 variant tentatively titled Microlite20-OSS Edition (Microlite20 — Old School Style Edition). This version will aim to be old school in feel but will not try to duplicate the specifics of any edition. Instead it will be the rules I would like to use in my own M20 games. I have no idea if anyone else will like them, but when they are done I will be making them available to any who are interested for the usual M20 price, free.

M20-OSS will start with Microlite74 and make changes. Some of the major new features currently planned for M20-OSS include:

SKILLS: The return of M20’s five skills, but used in an old school way where the skill roll is completely secondary to the player’s description of what his character is doing. Each class will have two class skills at 1d20+level (one will be determined by character’s class and the other will be picked by the player which will allow an easy way to create a “subclass” effect). The other three skills will be at 1d20+(level/2).

CLASS ABILITIES: The special class abilities I usually add to fighters (weapon specialization). magic-users (minor magics), and clerics (healing touch) via house rules will be in the rules.

RITUALS: Rituals are only thing I really like from 4e, they will be added but not as replacements for standard spells (as they are in 4e) but as a way to cast special magics or spells one does not have memorized.

PSIONICS: Psionics are important in my Empire of Arn setting, if I am to be able to run Arn games with M20-OSS, I will need some type of psionics rules. These will be optional.

SPELLS: Will run to 9th level for Magic-Users and 7th level for clerics.

There will be a number of minor tweaks and changes as well. I have no idea how long this will take me to develop and write-up, but I will be making reports here and on the Retroroleplaying forum.

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    The more the merrier!

    I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one, Randall 😀

  2. Randall says:

    It probably will not please many people, Greywulf. But then you never know. I’ve been surprised by the interest in M74 with nearly 500 downloads in the two months it has been available.

  3. Yay! I like those M20 derivatives. When the rules are so small it’s easier to rewrite the rules instead of writing houserules that modify the existing rules.

    It also makes it easy to scan a copy of the rules for cool ideas one might want to adopt.

    I’ll keep an eye on what you publish! 🙂