Microlite74 Release 1.1 Now Available

Over 500 copies of original 1.0 release of Microlite74 have been downloaded since it was release just over two months ago. Release 1.1 is available for download today in two different forms.

For those not familar with Microlite74, it is a version of Microlite20, designed to recreate the style and feel of that very first (“0e”) fantasy roleplaying game published back in 1974 is the simple framework of the Microlite20 rules. Microlite74’s rules were written to support the “old school” style, while retaining many of the more modern rules features of OGL games based on the 3.5 SRD. Microlite20 trimmed the fat from the 3.5 SRD, paring the game down to a fast-moving and easy to learn two-page system. Microlite74 takes the M20 system and modifies it for a 1974 style, but leaves most of the basic Microlite20 rules in place.

The original release of Microlite74 included variant rules based on Microlite20, a complete spell list and monster list, and a short designer’s note section touching on the differences in style between “old school” and the usual style of play encountered today. Release 1.1 contains minor error corrections, information on other OGL retrogames based on early editions of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game, and new rules for morale, hirelings, and equipment.

Microlite74 Release 1.1 Standard is a six page PDF. Everything you need to play is in the fairly small print of this edition. It is a 112K free download.

Microlite74 Release 1.1 Digest is a special version of Microlite74 formatted to print as a digest-sized booklet something like those of 0e using the booklet printing feature of Adobe Acrobat. The type size is larger and there is B&W fantasy artwork, courtesy of Håkan Ackegård. This file is much larger than the standard file (2.25M compared to 112K) so the art will print with high quality. While the download is free, because of the large file size the file is stored at Rapidshare.

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