New Year, New RetroRoleplaying Site, New RetroRoleplaying Message Board

Happy New Year! is celebrating the new year with a new web site design and a completely new message board. I’ve moved the site into the 21st century, its now using the Drupal content management system insted of static HTML. This means I can easily allow others to help create content for the RetroRoleplaying web site.

The original incarnation of the RetroRoleplaying message board was on SMFForFree. While SMFForFree tries very hard and is free, their servers are often overloaded and slow or even down with strange php errors. The new version of the RetroRoleplaying Forum is still an SMF message board, but it is hosted on a VPS and should be much snappier — not to mention that I can install whatever mods the board needs.

Unfortunately, there was no way to move the messages from the old SMFForFree board so we have a blank slate to start over with. If you had an account on the old board, you’ll have to create your account again on the new board. One good thing accounts on the board and the new Drupal version of the web site are linked. When you create an account on the message board, you will get that same account on the main web site. At the moment, the Drupal side of your account doesn’t give you much, but it will in the future. What are you waiting for? Go create a account and help jump start our new home with a few posts.

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