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Help Randall and Get Grimoire Fanzine PDFs — 2 Comments

  1. That can’t have been that easy. I didn’t know, actually, the genesis of Microlite74.

    Anyway, I wish luck to you both int hese trying times (and look forward to my copy of The Grimoire 😀 )

  2. It wasn’t easy, (and paying off the huge bills isn’t easy either) but the fact that my wife has been cancer-free for a year now after end of treatment makes it really worth it. This is especially true as her type of cancer is one of the rarer types where if it does not come back relatively quickly, it is far less likely to ever come back, dropping down to less than 1% chance after five years.

    I just wish my job provided more stable income. Commissions are great even in this bad ecomony but when a particular sale’s commission will end up in my pay seems more or less random chance. There is a logical system behind it (having to do with when and how a sale is actually paid), but the end result still looks like random chance from my end.