Partial Grimoire #3 and Thanks for Donations

While I still haven’t found all the master pages for issue #3 of The Grimoire (and fear they no longer exist), I have found the last few pages of the third issue — a complete set of rules for a “Star Trek” boardgame called “Warp Nine” with another Loubet illo: some not quite (for obvious copyright reasons) Federation vessels fighting somewhat familiar looking alien vessels. I’ve been volunteered to spend the next few days helping my mother-in-law with house repairs, however, I plan scan these pages and convert them to PDFs late next week and add these pages to the material available for download.

Speaking of which, I’d really like to thank all the generous people who have donated in the last couple of days. Thanks to a number of wonderful people we don’t need to worry about having utilities shut off for two weeks. Thank you all so very much.  I’ve also received more comments on the two issues of The Grimoire from them than I remember receiving in total when they were originally published. If you’ve already donated, you’ll be able to get the additional PDF when I get it created and uploaded.

You can still donate and get pdf copies of The Grimoire #1 and #2 and the BECMI campaign house rules — and the Warp Nine pages mentioned above when they are uploaded. Just send a donation in any amount — small or large — to me via Paypal or use the button below.

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