Microlite74 2.0 Special Digest-Sized Edition Available

After producing a very special one-of-a-kind edition of Microlite74 for the kind person who donated the most to my fund drive last month, I decided to produce a second “Special Edition” of Microlite74 that anyone who donates to the cancer fund can download and print a nice digest size edition. Unlike the “one-of-a-kind” edition, this edition is not personalized or signed, nor does it use professionally done character art of characters in my campaigns for illos.

The Microlite74 2.0 Special Edition is a 60-page PDF designed to be printed in booklet format from Adobe Acrobat. Like the digest-sized version of Microlite74 1.1, the artwork is by Håkan Ackegård. (Visit Håkan Ackegård’s Fantasy Gallery on the web at http://ackegard.com/ to see more of Håkan Ackegård’s fantastic art.) Unlike that first attempt at a digest-sized edition, the pages in this edition are numbered and there is a table of contents. This Special Edition incorporates the rules from the first supplement, giving you all the rules currently available for Microlite74 in one booklet. The text has been reformated in a single column in a large enough font to easily read.

If you have made a donation to the cancer fund, you can download a copy of the Microlite74 2.0 Special Edition at the same place you downloaded copies of The Grimoires using the same password. If you haven’t donated to the cancer fund, but would like a copy, the next paragraph is for you.

To get pdf copies of Microlite74 2.0 Special Edition (as well as The Grimoire #1 and #2, the BECMI campaign house rules and more), send a donation in any amount — small or large — to me via the Paypal button. My apologies for having to ask for donations and my heartfelt thanks to everyone who donates. While the weird money problem I had last month is over, we still have racked up over $100K in bills for my wife’s cancer treatments — the fun of no insurance in America — so my wife thinks I should keep the fund going, and she’s probably right. If you can donate and wish to, thank you very much. If you just want free copies of Microlite74 2.0, just click on the Microlite74 link in the header. The free rules are the same as the donor rules, only the formatting and illustrations differ.

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