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Microlite74 with 2D6? — 9 Comments

  1. Or do 2d10 and you don't have to change even that much… I've wanted to go 2d with D&D for a while to add a little less randomness to it…

  2. 2d10 would certainly work, but wouldn't allow the game to be played with only the "standard" six-sided dice that almost everyone has. Even people who have never heard of roleplaying games often have some around the house.

  3. I started a project like this last summer with Microlite74 as a base. I opted for a Descending Armor Class as it was then usable with existing modules that I had stacked in the attic. Don't ask me why, but I stinking love 2d6 as a base for RPGs and it just feels so Retro that I find myself traveling back in time to a misspent youth.

    Here's a link to the PDF


    It still has a few kinks to be worked out, but it may save you some time if you'd like to use it to work from.

    Drop me an email and I'll send you the DOC file if you're interested.

    todd the viking king at gmail dot com

  4. Randall–have you checked out Spellcraft & Swordplay? It's 2d6 only, based off of Chainmail and thus has a casting roll for Wizards as well.

    And I just can't stop thinking about doing 2d6 attributes as well.

  5. Todd,

    Homebrew2d6 is neat. It's not quite the way I'd do it as I prefer higher rolls being better, but it really is a cool system. I probably need to add an armor class conversion table to standard M74, too.

    I prefer higher is better because my player group in the early 80s had STRONG opinions on the issue. Very strong opinions. LOL.

  6. Matthew,

    I have Spellcraft & Swordplay. It's a bit more complex than I'd like for a "Microlite" based game. However, I will have to take another look at its spell casting system if I decide to do a 2d6 game.

  7. This would be a great addition, especially for those of us looking to bring in new gamers. Being able to given them a ruleset that only uses stuff you can steal from the ubiquitous Monopoly or Yahtzee sets is great. As you point out while S&S can do it that's a more complex system.

    It would also fit well into my Harry Potter movie give away idea.