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M74/OD&D Play-By-Post (for Cancer) Idea — 2 Comments

  1. Actually it is not a dumb idea at all. Three things will (or should) occur.

    1 – Your players will feel they need to get their money's worth, and will have a more binding commitment to the game than they might ordinarily have.

    2 – You as the GM will be at least equally committed to the game because you organized it and collected the players' money.

    3 – A worthwhile charity will get a good donation.

    Heck..if the idea sparks interest, perhaps you should take it to the next level (pun intended) and allow your players to purchase equipment above and beyond the regular starting package for Cancer-cash.

  2. Spike,

    My wife will be glad to hear that not everyone thinks the idea is dumb. As for your extra cash for extra items idea, I'm SO glad my wife does not read this blog. She'd want to charge for 10 foot poles.