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Decision 2010: Microlite75 is the Winner — 5 Comments

  1. @Stuart Not affected at all. As Microlite20 is published under the OGL, Randall is more than welcome to do anything he wants with it – and I wholeheartedly approve 😀

    Randall, I look forward to seeing how Microlite75 (or whatever you call it) turns out.

  2. Stuart: It was pure co-incidence this post and Greywulf's were made on the same day. I had not read his post before I wrote mine. Microlite74 has Microlite20 as one of it's OGL ancestors (as will Microlite75) and the basic mechanics come from M20. The OGL is a wonderful thing, IMHO, as it lets works built on each other no matter what happens to the ownership of each game later on.