Microlite75: Plans; Or What Will Definitely Be Included

What will Microlite75 have that Microlite74 does not have? Here are the current plans.

All the following will be added to M74 as part of the “base rules:”

M75 will have the following additional classes from the 0e supplements and the early magazines: Paladin, Ranger, Druid, Monk, Bard, Illusionist, and Thief. I haven’t decided whether or not to include Assassins as the class really seems more suited to NPCs than to PCs. As M75 will include my simple background system if one wants to play an Assassin, one could just play a Thief or a Monk with an “assassin” background.

M75 will have all the 0e spells. Spells through spell level 7 for Clerics and through spell level 9 for magic users. Spells for Druids and Illusionists will also be included. In so far as possible, these spells will be compatible with those used in Swords & Wizardry.

Hit Dice
Hit Dice will probably vary by class as in 0e with the supplements. Characters will continue to get their Strength score added to their HP total as per standard Microlite20. My Body Points/Hit Points system (similar to the one included in Ancient Auguries for M74) will probably be included in the standard rules. It was an early modification to 0e in my campaigns and it makes HP accounting much easier in Microlite20 based games as players do not have to track their HP which come back after an 8 hour rest separately from those from combat damage which heal slowly.

Weapon and Armor
The damage roll will vary by the weapon class (instead of 1d6 for all weapons and most monster attacks in M74) just like it does in 0e with the supplements. Armor class will be ascending just as in M74.

Monsters will have attacks and damage similar to 0e with the supplements instead of mostly doing 1d6 damage. Monsters will have a Morale Rating that works similar to morale in B/X. Monsters will have a Power Level listed — a number showing their estimated “power” compared to other monsters. This will be determined by a variant of Don Turnbull’s Monstermark system from early issues of White Dwarf. I know that it is not perfect, but it is useful for seeing just how powerful a monster is in comparison to other monsters. It served me well for years. More monsters will be included as well — including, hopefully, some original monsters submitted by readers.

Psionics of some type will be included. It will probably be somewhat different than that included in the third 0e supplement as that system was very complex and, worse, really did not work well.

Alignment will be included a stronger presence in M75 than it was in M74, although I do not yet know which alignment system will be included Good-Neutral-Evil, Law-Neutral-Chaos, or the nine alignment combination of the two E.G.G. used.

Anything important that you thing I have forgotten? (I’m currently think of having a number of “Advanced/Optional” rules as well. More on those later as I have really clarified my thoughts on them.)

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