Quick Update: Assassins and Brown Box Cancer Fund Giveaway

Just a quick update on a couple of things I’ve been getting email on.

First, Assassins. Several people have let me know that they really want the Assassin class in M75. Therefore I will do by best to get one in there.

Second, since I posted about getting the Brown Box set of OD&D in the mail for a Cancer Fundraiser, I’ve had emails asking when it would start and even a couple of donations! I will try to get an official announcement up tomorrow announcing that it will officially start tomorrow and run through the first week in February. All donations made since the original post was made last week will count, so you can donate right now if you wish and it will count. Highest donor gets the brown box and extras. There will be additional items for at least 2nd and third highest which I will list in the official announcement. For info on how to donate, see the box in the right column on any blog page.

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