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Surprise Delivery: Brown Box Original D&D — 9 Comments

  1. The pictures don't show all the problems. The huge black crayon mark on the box that arcs through the image and to the edge of the box is barely visible in the picture, for example. The 3LBB and Greyhawk are in somewhat worse shape than my copies and I used mine in games weekly from fall 1975 to the early 1980s. Some people just seem to be able to handle books lighter than others.

    You found a copy of Booty and the Beasts yesterday? WOW. I hope you were able to snap it up.

  2. I shit you not: I paid $2 for it. It has some pencil marks on some of the pages, a little discoloration on the cover. Other than that it's in great shape.

  3. TWO Dollars? That's a great price. I once watched on go on eBay for close to $400. There were no bids on it at all until the last day so I had stupid hopes of picking up a copy for a birthday present for a friend. It wasn't to be.

    It's a shame this book has never been reprinted. Lots of gonzo but interesting stuff here. I'm less enamored of The Necromican as many of the spells therein were over the top, even for me.

  4. Oh my god, I was just drafting in my head an article about a 'little tan book' I remembered owning in my youth that had Erol Otus artwork, high-tech weaponry and Neila monsters (Aliens from the film of the same name)… but I couldn't remember what it was called. Booty And The Beasts! Thank you… now I just need to find my own copy 😉

  5. /me sighs
    Yeah, and I found 9 S&S movies in a collection for $8 the other day, used, from a grocery store.

    How did I ever survive not seeing Hercules vs. the Moon Men, a true S&S movie if I ever saw one.