Brown Box Giveaway Early Results

I went to bed early last night thinking we had done well but were going to be about $200 shy of being able to completely pay off the lab bill. This morning’s email proved a shock to my heart. Almost $1400 in donations overnight, including a couple of donations from people who had donated once before. This will pay off the lab bill mentioned the other day and most of the next largest lab bill — they will be paid today. I’d like to thank everyone who donated, whether it was 5 dollars or 725 dollars — every little bit helped. While we did not raise as much money as we did last July when foundations got involved, every donation came from a gamer and every giveaway item will go to someone who will enjoy it. I’d like to thank Jamie G. for making this drive possible with his gift of OD&D goodies to giveaway.

At the moment, I’m not sure if there are any ties. I know there aren’t for the first three giveaway items, at least. I’ll be contacting folks who are receiving a donor giveaway item or are in a tie this evening. Thanks again to everyone who donated, who spread the word, or sent us their prayers and good thoughts.

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