Cancer Donation Brown OD&D Giveaway Update: 36 Hours Left

As I write this, there are about 36 hours left in the OD&D Brown Box Giveaway Retroroleplaying Cancer Fund drive (see the Brown Box Dungeons and Dragons Goodies Available (for Cancer Fund Donors) post for more info. Technically, it ends Monday (February 15th) at midnight, but any donations made before 6am or so Tuesday morning (when I get up) will count.

I’d like to than everyone who has donated so far. There have been a lot of donations, mostly small, but they add up. As I write this post, we are within about $500 of completely paying off one large lab bill — all out of donations. It would be great if we could pay this bill off completely (its the biopsy on the one-third of my wife’s tongue removed during surgery), but even coming within $500 is fantastic.

At the moment, there are a lot of ties for giveaway goodies. As announced, those will be broken by an OD&D quiz that I will email to those involved later this week. Giveaway items should be mailed next week — assuming everyone who gets a quiz answers fairly quickly. The quiz questions will be on general OD&D/early D&D knowledge. There will no “what is the third word on page 4 of the second printing of Greyhawk” type questions — as I couldn’t even answer post of those. Once the quiz has served its purpose of breaking any ties, I will post it here on the Retroroleplaying blog so everyone can take a crack at it if they wish.

The Brown Box Dungeons and Dragons Goodies Cancer Fund Drive continues for a few more days (until February 15th). For more information on this giveaway and fund drive see this post: Brown Box Dungeons and Dragons Goodies Available (for Cancer Fund Donors).Lots of donated D&D items to give away in a very good cause.

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