January Cancer Donation Brown OD&D Giveaway Extended

My old computer died about an hour after I posted on the Brown Box Dungeons and Dragons Goodies Available (for Cancer Fund Donors) on January 20th. Between having to come up with money for a new system on short notice and AVAST 5 ruining my new system last Friday just as I completed getting it set up and all my immediately needed software installed (see my Frustration thy name is AVAST post from last Friday.

I’m finally back up and — knock on wood — able to use the new system for real work again. However, this is only two days before the OD&D Giveaway Cancer Drive was scheduled to end. Unfortunately, I promised Jamie that I would really plug this giveaway and since I’ve been mostly offline from an hour after I first announced the OD&D giveaway until now, I have not been able to do this — it isn’t even mentioned on the RetroRoleplaying home page. Jamie has asked me to extend the deadline and plug the giveaway more — as I originally promised I would.

Jamie wanted the giveaway extended through the end February, but doing so would push the end of the giveaway into a time when my wife will finally be able to get dentures to replace her lower teeth. This will be done in Dallas (as it is much less expensive there: $900 vs $1500 and done by a dentist her mother uses instead of a dentist picked out of the yellow pages) and will take a couple of weeks. This means I would probably not have time to mail out the giveaway items until the end of March. Therefore, we compromised on the 15th of February. This will give me a week to plug the giveaway, but allow it to end in plenty of time for me to send out OD&D quizes in case of tie donations (of which there are a good number at the moment), get replies to those and get the giveaway items mailed out before I have to start getting my wife to Dallas to do the lower plate thing — and she will be able to eat her beloved Wheat Thins for the first time in over two years.

The Brown Box Dungeons and Dragons Goodies Cancer Fund Drive continues for a few more days (until February 15th). For more information on this giveaway and fund drive see this post: Brown Box Dungeons and Dragons Goodies Available (for Cancer Fund Donors).Lots of donated D&D items to give away in a very good cause.

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  1. steelcaress says:

    A donation is on its way, and a link has been created on my blog:


    My thoughts are with you and your wife during this difficult time