Gryphons & Grognards (Microlite75) Playtest Version 0.05 Available

As promised, here is a very early draft of Microlite75/Gryphons & Grognards. I’ve put a PDF copy up on Mediafire here: Download Gryphons & Grognards Version 0.05. I’ve really barely started, but the character classes are complete and many minor modifications (merging M74 optional rules, etc.) have been made. I’ve also made a start on adding the new spells. Levels 1-3 of both Illusionist and Druid spells are included.

I’m undecided on a number of design issues and will be making posts here over the next few days to gather opinions.

Don’t waste time downloading the above — it’s unusable by anyone but me. Download the new Microlite75 Playtest draft instead. See this post: Microlite75 Playtest Version 0.1 Available

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3 Responses

  1. Minor comment: Spell "Griffon"/"Griffin"/"Gryphon" the same way in the title and the monster list. I don't think it matters which, as long as it's consistent.


  2. Randall says:

    I'll probably do that when I get to the monster list. So far it's unchanged from M74. G&G in this 0.05 stage isn't very clear as to what will be changed, what's place-holder, etc.

  3. Randall says:

    Apologies to everyone for the Gryphons & Grognards draft document. It really wasn't intend to be as confusing as it was. See Addressing Gryphons & Grognards Draft Problems for more details.