Classic Traveller Paranoia Press PDFs Available

Discovering the Traveller Starter Set is available for free yesterday convinced me to look around and see what other interesting Traveller goodies might be available. I was surprised to see that the old — and hard to find in print — Paranoia Press supplements are available in PDF form. Quite inexpensively, too. Paranoia Press produced a number of supplements for Classic Traveller between 1980 and 1982. They were very good, but had fairly limited distribution. Even back in the early 1980s, a lot of Traveller players never saw a copy. I have seen copies sell for $30 to $50 each on eBay. Now you can get all five supplements in PDF form on RPGNow.

PP1 Scouts and Assassins Currently $3.00
Includes an expanded Scout Service character generation system; the new character class of Assassin; and full size scout ship deck plans. 16 page booklet plus insert.

PP2 Merchants and Merchandise Currently $3.00
Features an expanded Merchant generation system and over 15 new items of merchandise. 24 page booklet.

PP3 SORAG Currently $3.00
A detailed description of the secret intelligence branch of the Zhodani in the Vanguard Reaches including character generation, sample charactersand special equipment. 26 page booklet.

PP4 Vanguard Reaches Currently $3.00
Statistical and library data on sixteen new Traveller subsectors. 28 page booklet plus insert: (separate 17×22 sector map as PDF and JPG).

PP5 The Beyond Currently $3.00
Statistical and library data on sixteen more new Traveller subsectors. 32 page booklet plus insert: (separate 17×22 sector map as PDF and GIF).

Or you can buy all five Paranoia Press supplements in PDF form in a RPGNow Paranoia Press Bundle for $10.00 and save $5.00.

I’ve used all of these in Traveller campaigns over the years. All are interesting, although SORAG is really only useful if your campaign is set near the Zhodani frontier in the Third Imperium. The other four supplements are more generically useful.

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