Microlite75 Playtest Version 0.1 Available

As promised, I now have the first playtest draft (version 0.1) of Microlite75 ready for download. Unlike the awful mishmash Gyphons and Grognards draft I uploaded early in the week, this draft should make sense and be fairly easy to follow. Only the monsters section has not had any updates (yet) in the conversion from Microlite74 2.0. There are new classes (including some optional classes like Barbarian, Sorcerer, and Warlord) and all Magic-User, Cleric, Illusionist, and Druid spells have been added. Numerous other changes have been already been made and more will be made in future drafts. There are numerous optional rules as well. Comments on this draft are welcome and desired.

Download your free copy of Microlite75 Playtest Version 0.1 from Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?moyjwjyywyz. It’s a 250K PDF with about 19 pages of rules, spells, and monsters.

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4 Responses

  1. I find that Magic Missile is already overpowered in uLite 74 for low-level characters; I think that these rules, in which it's a free favorite spell, basically (and does more damage) will be even more unbalancing. I'll try them out and report, though.

  2. Randall says:

    All spells cost at least 1 HP. The cost can't be reduced below that. If that isn't in the rules, I need to add it. TANSTAAFL, after all.

  3. I was sloppy.

    "Free" in the sense of "Does not cost a spell slot."

    I think that at low levels, both Magic Missile and Sleep are overpowered. Now a beginning MU can effectively have both. That makes me nervous. Remember that a beginning magic-user is only a slightly less effective melee combatant than a Fighting Man, so if the wizard's magic is limited, well, his punching skill isn't as atrophied as it will be one day either.

  4. Randall says:

    A beginning MU's spell selection is limited by what the GM allows him to have as initial spells known. If the GM doesn't want a first level MU to have Magic Missile or Sleep, the MU can't have them. There's an error in the description of the number of spells known by a first level MU in the current draft of the rules. It should be "Read Magic plus 1d2 additional spells."