Spell Changes in Microlite75

The next playtest version of Microlite75 will include some new lower level spells taken from other editions of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG. Most old school type games spend a long time at lower levels, so I think it would be helpful to have a slightly larger selection of lower level spells. I’m trying to select spells that can be useful but with not cause “that’s too powerful” debates. Goodness knows but there are enough debates about Magic Missile, Sleep, Invisibility, etc. now.

Speaking of Magic Missile, I’m thinking of removing the spell. Given that all magic-users have the Arcane Blast ability, Magic Missile seems somewhat over-powerful as a first level spell.

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1 Response

  1. I applaud the replacement of MM with Arcane Blast if you want to give that power to everyone. I always liked the Unearthed Arcana cantrips. Not sure how you'd do it in a system where magic costs hit points, but three-cantrips-for-a-first-level-spell seems about right to me. Those are always fun in non-combat situations. My players, in particular, seem to always find uses for Hairy in tavern settings.