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Buy Dark Fate (and the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund gets the $$$$$) — 7 Comments

  1. Upon re-reading my review, the only comment regarding Sandboxes I found, was the following:

    " Most of this section consists of a series of random tables, intended to generate an adventure. The generator isn’t well suited to sandbox play, and the ideas will be familiar to all but beginning DM’s. You might find some use for the tables, if they’re taken lightly. Overall, this short section is the weakest in the book."

    YMMV on the generator tables, but I certainly didn't mean to suggest that the setting itself wasn't suitable as a Sandbox and run Dynamic ones myself.

  2. I really like Dark Fate. The grammar mistakes are forgivable, but for some it may be distracting. Like I pretty much said in a blog post on it, this is a great piece to rip ideas from. Really can't go wrong in picking it up.

  3. James,

    I'm sorry, I somehow misread a sentence in that paragraph as "The adventure isn't well suited to sandbox play…" My bad. Especially bad as I looked at this a couple of times while I was writing this post.

  4. Marcelo: Thank you very much for the link. And yes, Google Translator is a life-saver. It's amazing how much better machine translation gets with each passing year.

  5. I had heard about this game somewhere else (don't remember where, at the moment) and thought it looked interesting, but I held off purchasing it at the time. Well, this kind offer from the author and a Lulu coupon for free shipping got me to break down and purchase it.