Microlite20 OSS (Old School Style) Playtest Version 0.95 Available

Microlite20 OSS Playtest version 0.95 is now available. I think I’ve corrected all the typos that have been mentioned. I’ve made some minor changes to the rules, mainly clarifications (like what the DC of spells is used for). I’ve also added rules for Healing to the section on Hit Points. Microlite20 does not have them so you use the healing system from the SRD. The only problems with that are 1) it’s basic enough that it probably should be in the M20 rules and 2) the SRD rules don’t cover STR damage. I used the SRD rules but added how I think STR damage should recover.

The rules proper are one sheet front and back. However, I’ve added over a page to the notes on playing in the “old school style” — this will probably have a number of typos. You can download the 0.95 version from here:


And you can always find the latest version on the new Microlite20 OSS page at RetroRoleplaying.com.

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