Wary’s Grimoire (Version 0.9): The Second Supplement for Microlite74 Available

The nearly complete “Proofreading Draft” of Wary’s Grimoire, the second supplement for Microlite74, is now available for download. Wary’s Grimoire takes some of the work I’ve been doing for Microlite75 and “backports” it to Microlite74 by stripping it of the house rules and extra that make Microlite75 what it is. In other words, Wary’s Grimoire contains the new classes, new spells, minor rules changes (like variable damage) from the 0e supplements and adds them to Microlite74 in more “pure” 0e form than in Microlite75.

Wary’s Grimoire adds the following classes to Microlite74: Paladin, Ranger, Monk, Illusionist, Druid, Thief and Bard. It also adds the 0e 7th-9th level Magic-User spells, the 0e 6th and 7th level Clerical spells, and the entire set (1st-7th level) of the 0e Druid and Illusionist spells. This supplement also includes variable weapon damage, monster reactions, and a rewritten monster list including monster morale and variable damage. In its current form, it’s an 11-page PDF (about a 165K download).

This supplement is pretty much done. However, it will remain in playtest form until the final version of Microlite75 is published (planned for late summer 2010) — in case any major changes are made to the material borrowed from Microlite75 during the next few months. As with all my regular edition old school Microlite20 games, Wary’s Grimoire is free! Download your copy from Mediafire today: http://www.mediafire.com/?5qmyjjrjzw0.

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