Microlite75 Playtest Version 0.4 (with Equipment and Weird Science) Available

The fourth playtest draft of Microlite75 is now available. Changes for this draft are again mostly in the optional rules section. Major additions include: more advantages and disadvantages, the Techno class (and “weird science” rules to support it), the Adventurer class (for single class games), fame, sanity, psionic combat, spirits and spirit binding, combat tricks/stunts, and an equipment list.

I spent a lot of time rearranging the spell list into alphabetical order only to discover that by the time I added tables listing spells by level for each type of magic the result was much longer than spells-by-level listing I’ve been using — even with reduntant spells removed. Unfortunately, this wasted about a week’s worth of spare time work. My ideas for revised combat maneuver rules flopped in play, so they aren’t included in this version. I did not get quite as much done for this version as I had hoped thanks to the time I wasted with the spell reorganization.

You can download a copy of the version 0.4 playtest from Mediafire (a 420K PDF) here: http://www.mediafire.com/?zmzjmzyuytk

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