And the (Palace of the Vampire Queen) Winner Is…

I’m pleased to announce that the “drawing” for the Palace of the Vampire Queen was held last night during my Microlite75 game session. Drawing is in quotes as it was actually a die rolling. Every entry was assigned a number on a spreadsheet. Three players each rolled a d10 and the result was compared to the chart. The winner was Alicia. She’s asked me not to use her last name as she doesn’t want her husband to know she’s the winner — as she’ll be giving him the Palace of the Vampire Queen as an anniversary present.

The Firecracker Cancer Drive was a huge success, raising far more money than either my wife or I expected, thanks to some large and a few very large donors and many, many $10 and $20 donors. Thanks to a couple of extremely generous donations in that last 24 hours of the drive, we have been able to pay off the surgeon’s bill I mentioned last week and make a substantial payment on the next smallest bill. I will be contacting the largest donors one at a time over the next few days to let them select their items from the list of donor items. Largest donor gets first pick, then the second, etc. If I am reading the email I got with the donation from one of the largest donors correctly, he may not want any items. If so, they will just be passed down to the next person on the list. If this happens there will be a tie for the final place, which will be broken by a multiple choice “quiz” on old school TSR games.

I’d like to thank everyone who donated, who wished they could afford to donate, who said a prayer for my wife, who told a friend about this drive, or who helped in some way I’ve forgotten to mention. Thanks to you, some our large cancer bills got paid. Gamers and their friends and relatives are great people. Thank you.

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2 Responses

  1. grodog says:

    Great news Randall: I'm so glad that the drive turned out so well! 😀


  2. I really hope you decide to reprint some more of these in the not-too-distant future. I've been watching for this to come back into print for years, but I didn't find out about this run until too late despite trolling a lot of RPG blogs daily – obviously not the right ones, alas.