Download the Microlite75 Final Playtest Draft

What I hope will be the final playtest draft of Microlite75 is now ready for people to download. No major changes in this draft, other than splitting the game into two books and adding an optional Vancian “Fire and Forget” magic system.

The first book is the Characters and Magic book. This book has the complete rules of the game, the spell and equipment lists, and an intro to old school play for players. You can download a copy from Mediafire here: Microlite75: Characters & Magic.

The second book is the Options and Monsters book. This book has the optional rules monsters, and advice for the GM. You can download a copy from Mediafire here: Microlite75: Options & Monsters.

Microlite75 is basically done rules-wise. I don’t plan to add anything else or make any major rules changes. I’m going to go through this draft carefully and clean up any mistakes or less than clear text I find, then turn it over for proofreading. So if you have any rules issues, speak up now please.

Sponsoring Microlite75: If you look in the latest Playtest version, you will see that Microlite75 has a number of sponsors who have donated to the Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund. There is still plenty of room to list more sponsors, however time is beginning to run out. If you’d like to sponsor Microlite75, get the usual donor downloads, and be listed as sponsor in Microlite75 and Advanced Microlite20 OSS, please donate now. $25 or more gives you are bronze sponsorship. $50 or more silver. $100 or more gold. If you want to donate a lot more, talk to me about platinum and diamond levels. You can find out more here or donate via Paypal.

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