Microlite20 OSS (Old School Style) Advanced Edition Available

The first playtest draft (version 0.8) of Microlite20 OSS Advanced Edition is now available for download. Like the basic edition of Microlite20 OSS, this game is an attempt to make a version of standard 3.x based Microlite20 that is designed to be be played “Old School Style”. The basic version is similar to Microlite20 in what it covers. The new advanced version takes the basic rules of Microlite20 OSS adds material from the Microlite20 Expert set (new classes, etc.) and has somewhat expanded combat rules. It also adds Microlite20 skills back to the game, but in a old school manner. A simple talent system is provided for basic mechanical customization of characters. Like Microlite20 OSS basic, you can use most published material from 3.x directly in your game.

This game needs a bit of editing and may have a few additional rules added, but it is 80% to 90% complete now. You can download a free copy of the PDF (about 80K) from Mediafire here: Microlite20 OSS Advanced-0.8.pdf

Comments on the playtest draft are not only welcome but desired.

You can find more on the Microlite20 OSS concept in this post: Microlite20 OSS (Old School Style) Basic Edition Available. The current edition of Microlite20 OSS Basic is available here.

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