Microlite75 Playtest Version 0.90 (Final Draft) Available

What I sincerely hope is the final playtest draft of Microlite75 is now available for download from Mediafire. Each book is about 250K and is in PDF format.

Players’ Book

GM’s Book

There are a large number of typo corrections and minor changes from playtesting through these rules. There are, however, few major changes. I’ve added rules for gnomes and half-orcs, changed the optional weapon damage tables, added optional minimum strength rules for weapons, added the standard OGL20 range system as an option for use when exact distances are known (e.g. for those who want to use minis and battlemats), added a handful of new spells, added optional rules for “no level advancement” campaigns, and tried to clarify the fighting class/arcane class concept so that it is very clear which classes are in which group.

Microlite75 now going to move to the proofreading and final error checking phase. I do not plan to make any more rules changes or additions. Unless some major issue is suddenly discovered, Microlite75 is now “rules-complete.” There is (finally) light at the end of the tunnel. (I just hope it’s not a train.)

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1 Response

  1. This is awesome. I have been looking forward to this. My life seems to run in similar tire tracks to yours and it's things like this that make it all worthwhile for me.

    Thanks again for making time for this in your schedule. It's going to be a long night…I got a LOT of reading to do 🙂