Microlite20 OSS and Advanced Microlite20 OSS RPGs Now Available (and FREE)

I’m happy to announce that version 1.0 of the Microlite20 OSS and the Advanced Microlite20 OSS roleplaying games are finished and available for free download. “OSS” stands for “Old School Style”. Where Microlite74 and Microlite75 attempt to recreate old school games from the Microlite20 rules, the Microlite20 OSS games were written to encourage the “old school style” play using the much more standard 3.x edition base Microlite20 was written for. Microlite20 OSS is a Microlite20 variant designed for old school style play with a modern game system and nearly any 3.5 fantasy adventure module or setting you can pull off your shelf.

Microlite20 OSS is the equivalent of the Core Microlite20 rules. It includes the four standard Microlite20 classes (Fighter, Rogue, Mage, Cleric) and depends on the 3.5 Fantasy SRD for monsters, spells, treasure, and the like. This allows the actual rules to fit on the front and back of a single sheet of paper. Unlike standard Microlite20, Microlite20 has no specific skills. Instead players are expected to think like adventurers, tell the GM what they are doing and the GM decides if it will succeed in the situation, taking into account the character’s class and background. Die roll guidelines are provided for cases where the GM decides a random roll is needed to determine success or failure. This game includes several pages of notes on old school play designed to help both players and GMs adapt to playing “old school style.”

Advanced Microlite20 OSS is the equivalent of the Core and Expert Microlite20 rules. It makes the Microlite20 OSS system more “complete” at the cost of some additional complexity. Advanced Microlite20 OSS takes the basic rules of Microlite20 OSS adds material from the Microlite20 Expert set (new classes, etc.) and has somewhat expanded combat rules. It also adds the five Microlite20 skills back to the game, but in a old school manner. A simple talent system is provided for basic mechanical customization of characters. Metamagic, action points, and morale rules are also included. This almost doubles the length of the actual rules, from 2 pages to 3.5 pages. Advanced Microlite20 OSS also includes the notes on old school play included in Microlite20 OSS.

Download your free PDF copies from Mediafire:

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  1. Devin says:

    These are awesome – thanks for the work on them. I ran a Microlite20 session for my nephew and nieces a year ago, and now they're clamoring to play again. The OSS version of Microlite20 looks like it will be perfect for simplicity and to encourage the kids to use "old school thinking" to navigate their characters' predicaments.