Microlite74 Supplement 2: Wary’s Grimoire Now Available

Version 1.0 of Wary’s Grimoire, the second supplement for Microlite74, is now available for download. Wary’s Grimoire takes some of Microlite75 and “backports” it to Microlite74 by stripping it of the house rules and extras that make Microlite75 what it is. In other words, Wary’s Grimoire contains the new classes, new spells, minor rules changes (like variable damage) from the 0e supplements and adds them to Microlite74 in much more “pure” 0e form than in Microlite75. If you want to play a relatively “pure” Microlite20 version of 0e and its supplements, you want Microlite74 and Wary’s Grimoire, not Microlite75.

Wary’s Grimoire adds half-elves and the following classes to Microlite74: Paladin, Ranger, Monk, Illusionist, Druid, Thief and Bard. It also adds the 0e 7th-9th level Magic-User spells, the 0e 6th and 7th level Clerical spells, and the entire set (1st-7th level) of the 0e Druid and Illusionist spells. This supplement also includes variable weapon damage, monster reactions, and a rewritten monster list including monster morale and variable damage. This is a fairly major update from the playtest version published last spring as all the spells have the description clarifications from Microlite75 Version 1.01.

As with all my regular edition old school Microlite20 games, Microlite74 Supplement 2: Wary’s Grimoire is free! Download your copy from Mediafire today:

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4 Responses

  1. STOP IT!

    You're making me look bad 🙂

    No, not your fault that I'm moving at chump level. I'm just having to rebuild my notebook from the ground up…again…but me and this little netbook are kickin' it…

    And thank you…your work continues to inspire. Now if only I get a chance to read it tonight.

    M$ says I've got 66% to read…done!

  2. Randall says:

    @AD&D Grognard: These games were supposed to be finished last summer. I'm "only" 4 or 5 months late, so I doubt I'm making you look too bad. 😉

    Sympathy on the computer issues. My PC died a year ago and rebuilding over six years worth of customizing the software on a new PC with a new version of Windows was a pain.

  3. Rayston says:

    This has nothing to do with this blog post but I was having trouble finding any contact info for the webmaster of retroroleplaying.com.

    The page here


    has some bad links (mostly the Labyrinth Lord links).

  4. Randall says:

    @Rayston — The LL links have changed again? I'll fix them as soon as I can get to it. Thanks for letting me know.