Microlite75 Version 1.01 (Proofreading Update) Available

Microlite75 Version 1.01 is available. If you’ve downloaded version 1.00, there’s no real need to download this update. The only real changes are:

1) the addition of the Control Plants spell to the 5th level Druid list. The description is the same as that of 7th level MU spell of the same name.

2) two Illusionist spells were renamed — the “1st Level Magic User Spells” spell became “Arcane Magic” and the 2nd Level Magic User Spells” spell became “Advanced Arcane Magic”. These names are a bit less confusing.

All the other changes are minor corrections to spelling and grammar, things like putting periods after “vs” and adding the word “caster” before level in the spell lists. Lots of little copy-editing changes that make the books more “correct” but don’t really change anything with respect to actually playing the game.

I’d like to thank Kevin Donovan for his proofreading skills — and the time he spent going over the 40,000 plus words in Microlite75. He noticed many errors that my eye just glided right over. Microlite75 is much better for his efforts. Thank you, Kevin!

Here are the links to the new versions. I’ve also changed the link in the original announcement post from last week.

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3 Responses

  1. (it ate my post…KHAN!!! 🙂

    I had posted if it would be possible to get the page numbers for the changes. I always print and punch M75 and it would be great to replace just those pages with the changes.


  2. Randall says:

    AD&D Grognard: I'm sorry to say that I did not keep track of which pages were changed. It doesn't help that I did a search and replace to find and fix all the "vs" and "/level" locations. I've tried generating a list by comparing the old files with the new, but either I'm not doing it right (I'm not yet mastered Word 2010 as I came from Word 2003) or I there really were changes on every non-blank page.

  3. That's ok. I'll just copy and paste a copy of the noted changes into a doc and put it with the 1.00. I have my print server down (trying to work out converting to Linux) so I'll watch for the 1.02 and hopefully be back up to printing status by then.

    You've done a damn fine job on this project and I am inspired every day by the quality of your work and your strength of character concerning the challenges in your personal life. My thoughts are with you and yours as we each fight our battles on the tabletop that helps us to fight the battles in a daily lives.

    On a side note have you considered sending anything for the OSR booth at GenCon this year? Details here:


    I'm psyched and hoping to have something ready myself and M75 deserves to be there.