Microlite74 Version 2.0 for the Nook and the Kindle

I now have a Nook. It’s the basic (and inexpensive) model. I find it somewhat convenient for reading free books — much better than sitting at my desktop PC and reading them. I’ve done a quick conversion of Microlite74 and both supplements to the .epub format used by the Nook. I saved the doc files in Filtered HTML format from Word, then I converted the result to an .epub file with the freeware program Calibre. Then I edited the result in another freeware program (Sigil) to try to clean things up a bit.

The results aren’t perfect. Some major headings ended up on pages by themselves and the spells-per-level tables from the first supplement look weird, but the end result are three epub format books that seem to work well on my Nook. I need to find time to do some research on how to improved them, but for 90 minutes work what I have is not bad. If you have a Nook (or other e-reader that uses standard epub files), you can download a zip file with Microlite74 and both supplements in epub format from Mediafire here:

Microlite74 in epub format (zip file — about 404k)

Unfortunately, the popular Amazon Kindle does not read standard epub format files. It will read .mobi files — or so I’m told. I’ve used Calibre to convert the above epub files to mobi format. Unfortunately, I have no idea how well this worked as I do not have a Kindle to test them with. However, the mobi conversion is available from Mediafire here:

Microlite74 in mobi format (completely untested) (zip file — about 688K)

Whilke the conversion is not perfect, if you have an ebook reader and like Microlite74, you will probably want to give these a try. As usual, they are free.

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4 Responses

  1. migellito says:

    I use the PC version of the Kindle reader, and it does indeed read the .mobi files made by Calibre.. done that process many times myself. I hadn't heard of Sigil though, so I've not tried converting anything with tables or illos. yet.. I may try it now, thanks!

  2. Narmer says:

    I tried to open the epub zip and it's saying it's invalid.

  3. Randall says:

    @Narmer: I just downloaded the epub zip file and it opened fine — and all three .epub files in the zip worked okay. Perhaps your download was corrupted?

  4. Narmer says:

    Perhaps. I downloaded it twice to no avail. Thanks for checking. I'll try again later.