Attribute Bonuses in Microlite75

I’m not happy with the huge attribute bonuses in Microlite75. The rules say to calculate by this formula:

Attribute bonus = (STAT-10)/2, round toward zero.

This means attribute bonuses range from -3 for a attribute of 3 to +4 for an attribute of 18. I don’t actually use this formula in my games, but was talked into putting them in the rules because “most players expect large attribute modifiers” and because my table can’t be expressed as a simple formula. I actually use this table:

Stat Bonus
3 -1
4-15 0
16-17 +1
18 +2

This makes having “good attributes” far less important. Only a 3 gives a negative modifier and even someone with an 18 is only going to be about 10% better than average. Like in the original three booklets, a character doesn’t need high stats to be effective. Even though it will meaning adding a table, I will be including the system I actually use in the next edition of M75 as an optional rule.

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2 Responses

  1. Zzarchov says:

    I think you will find people will instead view any character without a stat of at least 16 "useless".

    People won't see a 4 just as good as a 15, they will see a 15 just as bad as a 4.

  2. Randall says:

    I'm sure that players mainly interested in charop/min-maxing will think exactly as you say they will. However, there is very little to draw the charop/min-max player to Microlite75 to begin with. The game just isn't designed to scratch their itch.

    Also, not that many seemed to see attribute bonuses similar to these in Microlite74 as a major issue: M74 uses this formula for bonuses: (Stat – 10) / 4, round toward zero.