Coming Soon: A New RetroRoleplaying Message Board

Long time readers may remember that RetroRoleplaying once had a message board. Unfortunately, after I finished Microlite74, I did not use it much — and no one else did either. Shortly after the beginning of the year, spammers broke the spam protection and I just shut the board down rather than fight them.

I’m working on a new board with better spammer blocking and a number of nice features including social groups (so members can have areas to discuss whatever games they want or even to run private play-by-post games — social groups were popular on the old Role Play Media Network), a project area (for designers wanting an organized way to handle design feedback), multiple selectable signatures (so your characters in a play-by-post game can have their own sig), blogs for members, and more.

I will use this as “home base” for the new “Monster Mash” edition of Microlite75 and to support Microlite75, Microlite74, and my other Microlite20 variants. General discussion of older RPGs will be welcome as well. The board will also be available for members to run play-by-post games and for other old school designers and publishers to use if they wish (including a forum the designer/publisher gets to moderate).

I hope to have this new message board open by the end of July.  Needless to say, membership will be free.

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1 Response

  1. Tenkar says:

    sounds good! I'll be signing up when it goes live for sure.