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Experience in Microlite75 Monster Mash Edition — 3 Comments

  1. I think that smaller numbers are better. The only reason to add two digits to the end of the experience point total is to make it look bigger. We're all big boys- we can add decimal places with smaller numbers to get the fine-tuning we want. You can be exactly as precise with smaller numbers as with larger numbers, but smaller numbers tend to be awarded in whole-numbered intervals. Few people will bother to award .5 XP, when they'd cheerfully award 50 xp in the larger-numbered method, and there's no real reason for that.

  2. Hm. I feel like, when I'm working with fractional experience points as I often do in Microlite 74, that I'm doing it wrong. But my players feel cheated if they get zero experience for an easy fight, which often happens.

    But multiply that scale by ten (which puts you logarithmically right in the middle of the two proposed systems) and it should work quite well.

  3. Well, I guess a question needs to be answered before a decision can be made. Is this Monster Mash version of M75 supposed to be a Microlite game or is it a clone of 0e? I understand it is a mash-up of the two, but which end of the spectrum is the game going to lean the strongest? I hoped this would be a more fully fleshed out Microlite75 game with *some* 0e leanings, but in the end it is still M75. With that I would say keep the M75 experience scheme.