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A Contest of Skills Rule for Microlite74 — 12 Comments

  1. "Contest Points cannot normally be increased during a Contest of Skills – unless someone successfully cheats." — Can outside characters offer support, such as in an argument where a friend validates an assertion with facts; or where a champion is cheered back a few CPs; etc.?

  2. @Timeshadows: I'd give a bonus to the skill roll for the type of aid from other characters you mention, but there's no reason that a GM could not choose to give back a few lost CP if that makes more sense in a particular contest. M74 rules are meant to be flexible.

  3. @Timeshadows: I appreciate the questions as I want to put Contest of Skills in the new edition of M74 (assuming it works at least "okay" in practice) and questions make me look outside the "box" I tend to think in.

    My game starts in about an hour and I'll get to see this in action with players who know nothing about it. I just hope the air conditioner is up to 9 more people in the house, given that it's 107 outside now ::boggled look::

  4. The Contest of Skills rule worked well. Dividing the action into "rounds" not only provided a bit of tension but allowed those characters not actually in the the race to notice — and get evidence of — the eventual winner cheating.

  5. Great. I'm glad to hear it.

    Do you feel like providing rough details as to how it played out and how those outside of the contest were able to determine the cheating?

    If not, thanks for the update regardless.

  6. @Armornick: I just downloaded the copy from my site without any problems and from a quick galnce through it, it looks fine. Given it's 600 pages I could have easily missed something. Could you be clearer on what is the matter with the copy here? Thanks.

    @Timeshadows: I'll try to find time to do a writeup this weekend. I'm horrible at campaign writeups — the reason that you seldom see them here.

  7. Sounds similar to the "Non-Violent Combat" option from my Microlite 20 Fantasy Expansion (www.dominowriting.com/games.html). Great to see that the option, or something like it, works in the real world.