Is it Time for Microlite74 3.0?

I mentioned how slow progress on the revised and expanded Microlite75 Monster Mash edition has been at my Sunday Wilderness Campaign. One of the players suggested I set it aside for a few weeks and work on something I could probably complete quickly: a revision of Microlite74 to include more 0e-like saving throws and some of the other minor changes that have been suggested over the two years since Microlite74 version 2.0 came out. I could also add more optional rules than those now in Ancient Auguries, perhaps “backporting” some of the more popular rules rules in Microlite75 as optional rules for Microlite74.

Initially, I thought this was a somewhat pointless exercise as most of the changes to the core rules would be minor tweaks and any set of players worth their salt should be able to add anything from M75 to M74 that they wanted to. However, after sleeping on it, I like the idea. The point isn’t to release something that is vastly different but to fine tune things a bit to make a better game with what has been learned from two years of play and to give me something I can finish quickly as a break from the slowly crawling Microlite75 revision.

I haven’t made a final decision yet, but I’m now leaning toward doing a “revision” of Microlite74 where yesterday I was pretty much against the idea. I’m interested in other opinions, however. What do you think of the idea of a new version of Microlite74. The only major change to the core rules I can think of would be saving throws, however moving to a more 0e saving throw system would make high level play in Microlite74 far more like high level play in 0e. The only other major change I can think of now would be to update the notes at the end with more update to date information on retroclones and the like.

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