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Long List of Old School Games and Clones — 12 Comments

  1. @Jason: I don't know how I missed that. It's at the top of your lulu page and everything. Thanks for pointing this out.

  2. Here's a couple places to find compiled links that I helped out a bit with:

    (down the left side)

    (scroll down)

    And some recent discoveries:



    Hope that helps.

    What about Barbarians of Lemuria?


    I know there is more. Just brain dead right now.

    Glad to see you working on the M74-Just hope there is a shot at a Microlite Comp update…you promised! 🙂

  3. @ADD Grognard: Thanks for all the links!

    I discovered some games I had forgotten and some new games (new to me at least). Unfortunately, the list is eating up more and more space in the rules. I may just have to cover the main retroclones and refer people to a web page for the "Other Games" section (as I believe I'm up to four columns (two pages) of listings now and I see more to list from your second post.

    The new of games has grown a lot in the two years since the M74 rules were last updated.

  4. After the 'upgrade' this evening it would seem folks are still having trouble in their dealings with Blogger. Fred S. emailed me and asked to add these. I understand the growing list these days. I'm half asleep, hurtin' like a mutha and I'm only hitting the high spots myself. We have grown crazy large out here in 'retro' land. There's probably twice as many more in my bookmarks. 🙂

    The links are:

    Eppes Et Sorcellerie
    (now in English)

    Old School Hack

    PDQ – Questors of the Middle Realm
    PDQ – Jaws of the Six Serpents

    PDQ – S7S

  5. And we haven't even touched on the whole 'Space Fantasy', 'Planetary Romance', 'Swords & Spaceships' thing going on right now. That genre is growing like a weed! I remember when Human Space Empires came out I thought 'wow, that's kind of cool and different', now it has tons of supporters at over a half dozen blogs.

    I'm tellin' ya…I'm lovin' every minute of it! 🙂

    Now if snow would just get here so we could all cool off and stay inside more…yeah!