Microlite74 3.0 Revision Started

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, one the players in my Sunday Wilderness campaign suggest I do a quick revision of Microlite74 was a way over overcoming my Microlite75 writer’s block. I decided to try this last night. It seems to be working as I flew through the simple rules changes M74 needed. The Notes revision will take longer as there are many more changes needed, but I hope to have a draft copy of the basic rules set ready by the weekend. The main rules changes so far are saving throws and combat casting (I made it clear that a spell caster who is hit in combat before they get the spell has the spell fizzle). The rules other changes so far are organizational or minor wording tweaking. The “Background” section from Microlite75 was added as an optional rule.

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2 Responses

  1. Shane Mangus says:

    This is good news. Always nice to see new (or even revised) projects coming out for M20/74/75. I look forward to seeing the changes.

  2. Randall says:

    The rules section has grown a bit (maybe half a page or so) but it's mainly clarifications (and reorganization) in the combat section. Microlite74 2.0 assumed a lot that probably should be spelled out — at least a bit. For example: The 2.0 rules give an initiative roll but don't say how to use the result.