Microlite74 Companion 1 (Beta 1) Available

The first beta of the first volume of the Microlite74 Companion series “Optional Rules” is now available. Beta1 combines the optional rules from the Microlite74 2.0 Supplement “Ancient Auguries” with those from the Microlite75 GM’s book. Most of these optional rules can be used with any version of of 3rd edition Microlite74 rules: Basic, Standard, or Extended. Note the Basic version is referred to as the “Core” version in Companion I as i am thinking of renaming Microlite74 Basic to Microlite74 Core. I haven’t quite made up my mind, however. More optional rules will be included in future betas.

Microlite74 Companion 1: Optional Rules is a 190K pdf file. It can be downloaded from Mediafire here:

Download Microlite74 Companion 1: Optional Rules

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