Revising the Microlite74 “Product Line”?

I am considering a major revision of the Microlite7x “product line”. Currently there is the basic Microlite74 game which emulates rules from the original three little booklets in the 0e boxed set using Microlite20 derived systems. Microlite74 Supplement II: Wary’s Grimoire adds emulated rules for much of the material in the 0e supplements. Microlite74 Supplement I: Ancient Auguries adds a number of optional rules which can be used with Microlite74 with or without the rules in Supplement II. Microlite75 is a complete game that builds on Microlite74 and Supplement II with a lot of the house rules I used in the late 1970s. It also comes with a lot of optional rules, including some not in Microlite74 Supplement I.

This is probably more complicated and confusing than it needs to be. After some discussions with friends, I’m considering the following items for Microlite74 Version 3 “product line”:

Microlite74 Basic
Microlite74 Basic would simply be the next edition of what is currently called Microlite74. It would provide the basic 0e experience from the original three booklets in the 0e boxed set. I’m almost done with the first beta draft. There’s not a lot of difference between the current edition of Microlite74 and the new version. Mainly clarifications, corrections, and a new set of notes at the end.

Microlite74 Standard
Microlite74 Standard would be the new Microlite74 Basic rules combined with the material in the current Supplement II: Wary’s Grimoire. The rules would be complete in one booklet, no need to refer to a set of main rules and a supplement. This game would cover most of the “official” material in 0e: the original boxed set, the supplements, and some of the articles in magazines of the era.

Microlite74 Extended
Microlite74 Extended would basically be a second edition of the core rules of Microlite75. Again, this would be a complete game, not a supplement to Microlite74 Basic. This game would cover most of the official 0e material and add some of the material from third party publications in the late 1970s as well as the house rules I used back then — all emulated in Microlite20-based systems. Most of the large number optional rules listed in the current Microlite75 would not be included here. They would be in a Microlite74 Companion volume instead where they could be used by players of any of the three Microlite74 rules sets.

Microlite74 Companions
This would be a series of products adding new material to Microlite74. The first volume would be optional rules (combining the current Supplement I optional rules with the optional rules from Microlite75). Future Companion volumes might include more detailed descriptions of spells, monsters, or treasure as well as things I haven’t even considered yet.

Comments are welcome.

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