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Help Proofread Microlite74 Version 3.0 (Please) — 7 Comments

  1. First, thank you for all the work you've done here! I've been getting back into RPGs after a very long hiatus and nearly wept when I saw the "Adventurer" class…someone else finally gets it!

    Second, when do you need/want these done? I have some time this week I can go over them and probably be done by Fri. evening/Sat. morning.

    More to follow…

  2. Because, Joseph, he is a god amongst men 🙂

    And since my evening of working on DEEP DELVE got grounded I'm on it…now let's see how this newly re-built server takes to d/l'ing.

  3. @Joesph: There really wasn't much work done between Beta 3 and RC 1: a few errors corrected (e.g. the correct Experience Base for the classes in the Standard version), some more player's notes, and an attempt at proofreading. Therefore, I got get it out fairly fast.

    @Anonymous: Later this week is great. I doubt I'll even have time to look at M74 again before the weekend. I've got a very busy few days ahead of me.

  4. Alignment

    Alignment is listed in the Companion. No notation about it being part of Extended (uniformity-ref Companion page 2-Minor Magic-Version Suitability: Any. Included in Microlite74 Extended)

    In the Standard there is a mention of alignment on page 11 in the continued over paragraph from page 10 but no further mention of alignment in the rulebook. (Straggler?)

  5. "Standard" seems to be entirely missing any information on equipment beyond the A-B-C standard delver packs; both the list of stuff to buy, and the reference to 3d6x10 GP starting funds.

  6. @Pere Ubu: Standard, like basic, just uses the equipment packs. I was going for fast. Perhaps I should add equipment and starting funds in the Companion for people who want to use them in Basic or Standard?