Microlite74.com Coming Soon

My Sunday game group decided that Microlite74 should have its own domain, so they chipped in $2.50 each and I am now the proud owner of the microlite74.com domain paid in full for three years. There is nothing but a placeholder at microlite74.com now as I’ve just set the site up on my vps, but once I have Microlite74 version 3 out the door, it will have its own website as a home. I’d like to give a big thank you to my players as this is probably something I never would have done on my own — if Microlite74 needed a web site, I’d probably just used a subdomain of the RetroRoleplaying site.

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3 Responses

  1. ADD Grognard says:

    Awesome. That's why I like this scene 🙂

    Also on a side note-There is a free pdf of Raggi's LotFP. It is the 'grindhouse' edition, but it has no art in it so the content should be ok (I always put an mature readers note when I post about him in general…just so people know)


    Just so if you wanted to update his link.

    And yes, I have been checking out your beta action, just finding time to comment right now is a bit of a hassle. Looking forward to 3…or is this Final?

  2. Randall says:

    @ADD Grognard: I've never been able to get the free version of the Grindhouse rules to display properly: the file seems to display with missing characters on my system. bad enough that parts of the rules are incomprehensible. So I haven't mentioned the free version in the list of retrogames.

    Beta 3 is out. I was going to put it up Sunday evening, but my game ran longer than usual and I just skipped it. See this post: Microlite74 Version 3.0 Beta 3 Rules Available For Free

  3. ADD Grognard says:

    Ok, yeah, that dropped letter thing was going on before but I thought it was straightened out. I need to email him about that. We chatted once before about it when he was, as I remember, in the process of straightening it out. Granted, I don't run the most recent Acrobat, but it sill should display it, but I'm getting garble too. Let me put that on my list.

    Thanks for reminding me about that.