Fall Cancer Fund Drive Results

I’d like to thank everyone who made the gift of a donation to the our Fall 2011 RetroRoleplaying Fund Drive. We raised close to $2000 from several large donations and a host of smaller ones. Thanks to everyone who helped.

The drawing for the copy of ST1-Up the Garden Path was held during my Sunday game last Sunday and is going to K. Meier in Essen, Germany. A person who wishes to remain anonymous in a surburb of LA selected First Fantasy Campaign, the Walled City Geomorphs, and the copy of the Cook Expert Rulesbook for donating the largest amount. There was almost a tie for second place — only ONE DOLLAR separated the two donations, but that one dollar difference allowed J. Brown of Indianapolis to select the Rules Cyclopedia and the City State of the Invincible Overlord. These items are in the mail and on the way to their new owners. The drawing for the remaining two items (the 5th edition OD&D booklets and the Monster & Treasure Assortment) will held next Sunday with the able assistance of the players in my Sunday game. I’m really surprised that one of the top two donors didn’t snag the OD&D books, but that just means someone is going to get very lucky next Sunday.

Thanks again to everyone who donated!

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