Microlite74 Extended Play-by-Blog Looking for Players

Sully over at A Pack of Gnolls is looking for players for what sounds like a fun sandbox-style campaign:

This will be a player-driven, hex-crawl, sandbox type of game. While the standard fantasy races described in Microlite74 Extended will all be available for PCs, the setting will be low-magic, and with the same basic “Points of Light” idea that 4th Edition D&D espouses. I’ll be using converted AD&D2E monsters and magic items, along with plenty of homebrewed goodness. I have no overarching grand plot. The landscape will be liberally sprinkled with plenty of adventure sites, of which the players will hear plenty of rumours about. I will utilize multitudinous random tables to determine a lot of things as the game progresses. This will NOT be all nice and balanced like 4E, nor will it focus excessively on that tactical combat side of things.

Sully is planned on running this using a blog, something like the Grind4e blog campaign. Looking at the Grind4e blog, this does look like a very nice way to run a play-by-post campaign.

If you are interested in playing, contact Sully as described in this post: Microlite74 Play-By-Blog anyone?. The initial set of houserules Sully is using is in this post: Microlite74, Sully’s Houserules. (Sully disagrees with my strong gnomes. ::sadly shaking head:: The next thing you know people will disagree with Gygax over beards on female dwarves.)

While I don’t have time to play myself, I am looking forward to following the game’s blog.

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1 Response

  1. Sully says:

    Thanks for the publicity Randall! I'm really lookin forward to running this and am still looking for players.